Hot Metal Spraying

This process involves the of spraying hot metal (Zinc, Aluminium Stainless Steel, Nickel or Bronze) and is also known as Thermal Arc Spraying or Hot Metal Arc Spraying and involves the projection of molten metal particles onto a prepared surface. Upon contact, these particles spread, bond to each other and adhere to the substrate forming a durable coating for a wide variety of substrates.

The heat energy in the molten particles imparts very little heat to the substrate (typically less than 100°C) and so rarely causes heat distortion. This is a major advantage over hot dipped galvanizing as it can be applied to large and small items without the requirement for drain or vent holes.

Preparation is vital to success and it is essential that all substrate be shot blasted to SA2½, SSPC-SP10, EN ISO 8501-1:2007 in order for the particles of molten metal to adhere sufficiently.

With this process we are able to rebuild worn or corroded surfaces which can then be ground or machined to a fine tolerance or a desired profile.

Our staff are Metallisation trained and certified.