Powder Tankers: Dealing with the Risk of Compact Materials

Powder Tankers: Dealing with the Risk of Compact Materials

Most of the powders that are carried in powder tankers do have a reasonably low angle of repose. They flow easily to the rear of the powder tanker, but there are some which can cause problems.

Overcoming Compact Materials in Powder Tankers

In extreme cases, product at the front of the tank does not flow easily. The product at the rear of the powder tanker discharges smoothly, due to the action of the aeration pad. This condition is potentially dangerous as the retained part of the load can suddenly free itself. Several tonnes of product crashing to the rear of the tank could make the tanker unstable, particularly if the ground on which it stands is neither level or solid. 
To overcome the risk of such occurrence, we often fit an air operated vibration device. Located in the part of the tank where compaction is occurring, this ensures that all the material flows freely to the rear of the powder tanker.
We recently delivered the 59 m/3 powder tanker shown below, which has been fitted with one of these anti compaction systems, in this case in the front dished end of the tank.
Powder Tankers

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