Commercial Vehicle Painting Specialists

Commercial Vehicle Painting Specialists

Commercial vehicle painting covers a broad range of transport modes. As a company, WG Tanker possess the skills, expertise and facilities to prepare and process all kind of vehicles to exceptional standards, whether for road, rail or in the air. To enable us to achieve this with a broad spectrum of commercial vehicles, we have a specialist painting division based in Foston in Derbyshire. From rolling stock to tractor units and their trailers and even flight simulators and military vehicles, we have accommodated them all.

Massive Commercial Vehicle Painting Facilities

How do we work with such a wide selection of transportation? Our commercial vehicle painting facilities cover a massive site so that we can process a single new vehicle or an entire fleet, complete with new livery and branding to the highest quality. If you are looking to restore your transportation, we can do that too. Utilising state of the art methods and equipment, the highly skilled team that is the WG Tanker painting division can remove graffiti, strip back old and worn out layers down to the original surface and reapply new coatings to revitalise your trailer, lorry, rolling stock or locomotive.

Choose WG Tanker for Commercial Vehicle Painting

WG Tanker are experts in commercial vehicle painting, so if your company or organisation requires maintenance to existing livery or a completely new recoat and rebrand, we literally have it covered! Being compliant with EPA regulations and utilising the most up to date methods to ensure quality and sustainability. With state of the art preparation and bake facilities onsite, you benefit from all processes being in one place. But our experience also extends to coating industrial fabrications such as bridges, containers, and even architectural features.
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