Rail Parts & Hoses

WG have been supplying a range of parts to the freight rail industry since 2006. These include butterfly valves, lid seals, pressure relief/vacuum valves, Saunders valves and gearboxes. The parts we supply are genuine original fitment equipment, so you can be assured of their quality.

The predominant vehicles that we deal with are PCA and JPA wagons, carrying cement powder, and our customers are some of the leading companies in this field.

Our range of butterfly valves range from 50mm up to 350mm, of which we have a good stock of each size. Each valve carries a WG identification sticker which acts as a recommendation from our supplier.

WG also provide air hoses for pressurising the wagons, usually through a land based engine/compressor unit. As with all other hose applications they are supplied with a certificate and unique WG identification number. For more information please click on the hose testing tab.

Please visit our new Parts Online Shop www.wgtankerparts.com which is currently under construction......