Spitzer Tankers

Spitzer tankers are recognised as leading the field in the manufacture of tanks for bulk transportation and storage. When you buy, or hire a Spitzer tanker you can be confident that you are using a dry bulk tank with a strong reputation. This is built on decades of manufacturing experience.

A Brief History of Spitzer Tankers

Their industrial heritage extends back to 1872 when the company was founded by Johann Spitzer. Moving from making agricultural equipment they evolved to specialise in dry bulk tankers in the 1950’s and 1960’s. The first dry bulk tanker was made by Spitzer tankers. 
A Spitzer product is recognised throughout the world as a leading European dry bulk carrier. Utilising the strength of materials like aluminium and innovative modular design. Spitzer tankers provide a robust yet lightweight solution to transporting materials like cement, filler, gravel, slurry, flour, animal feed and much more.

Used and Refurbished Spitzer Tankers for Sale

WG Tankers has a range of Spitzer dry powder tankers for sale or for hire. See our range of used tankers for sale. See our range of tankers for hire or lease. These include site storage, bottom discharge, or tipping and can include the tractor unit if required.
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